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...and more today (edited)...

Hi David,

My father is awake now and on the road to recovery. Tomorrow we can see if the skin graffing was a success, he has just small problem with blood and protein levels but we already have transfusions getting done and medicine for this. I am very surprised at how prepared and the level of medical care they provided they did very good but of course with all good things it came with a price! Right now we are just so happy that he is alive and now need to try bring up the business to help with the bills , and also my father has the will which doctors said was a factor because the day after his operations after he recovered from the anesthesia he already started trying to get up/move his legs/train his left arm and so even though we are in the hospital we already started recovering (he said he canít wait to be able to get back into the office). Honestly Iíve never heard this before!

Iíve read him everyoneís email and the forum posts while he was still floating about from all the medicine/operations/anesthesia and it helped him get his feet back down to earth it was very much appreciated.

I am very happy at the moment but now I need to get back on track with work as I have about 2weeks of undone work/emails

All the best, Andrea
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