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Originally Posted by Dave Ramshead View Post
Spot on that Pete, I currently have 3 of the original SR6's, all of which are optically different and have a different feel on the adjusters.

The oldest one is worse one optically, (ret looks speckly) but has the best mechanical feel and doesn't poi shift when you move the px.
The other 2 are newer (one from 2007 and one from 2010), have better optics, but move poi if you move the px to clear the focus, hence having the px and mag adjuster taped up so they can't be moved accidentally.

At the end of the day, they are cheap scopes, but have worked quite well - for me anyway.
Yes, that's the other thing I found with the SR6, the POI shifts sideways when moving PX. I used to adjust PX to 35yds to zero then re-adjust to around 27yds for HFT, but POI would have shifted slightly. So now I just leave PX at 27yds and cope with the very slight blur at 35yds when zeroing. I think I still have seven SR6s!

Cam's correct about the 25mm tubed Panorama having the advantage over the TAC for close fitting to the barrel, good point. I guess manufacturers fitting 25mm lens assemblies inside 30mm tubes, such as with the Leup Mark 4 vari, wouldn't see the market for reducing the tube diameter just for HFT! Leupold fit oversize tubes for the (mainly US) long range shooting market where this arrangement gives greater adjustment range.
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