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I think it's interesting what AirArmsDavid is saying...

He's obviously had a lot of success with his Tac 30 on his Steyr, I've got exactly the same scope and it doesn't work for me on my Steyr (unless I pop it on the optional weaver bridge, which makes it useless for HFT or hunting <23yds).

Two different shooters will easily have two different opinions about exactly the same kit. So you really need to see what works best for you!

I also love the Panorama EV, which is available either in the 'fixed' parallax half mil-dot reticule (it can be re-parallaxed), or the MAP 6A. Both are excellent reticules for HFT.

For me, the main benefit of the Panorama EV over the Tac 30, is that it has the 1" tube you can get Sportsmatch low mounts in 1", but only medium mounts in 30mm. Therefore the Panorama EV is able to be mounted 4.3mm closer to the axis of the barrel, which makes a considerable difference on the closer shots and through the reducers. You pay for it past 35yds, but there are fewer of those shots on a course.

Charlie, which rifle are you using?
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