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Originally Posted by fatty View Post
I have been using the tac 30 vari for about 8 months of my 8 moths of shooting. I have had good sucess at mid to long ranges but have yet to break 50 due to parallax error from 8 to 15 yards caused by my in-experience and inconsistant head position. Nothing more frustrating than knocking down a long range tough shot then missing a 25mm at short range the next. Would suit hunting I suppose as you would be doing well to get within 15 yards of your quarry but probley not very forgiving to the new shooter. I have been testing out a borrowed MTC viper fixed mag this week at short ranges down the garden and compared them to the Tac and so far the viper has proved much more consistant. If you are ever up kibworth way or at a midland hunters shoot I would be happy to lend you my Tac 30 for a round.

As all have said, its only opinion based on my personal experience but I suffered after chucking 250 of the hard earned reddies at a scope to find out I could have had equal or better results for less than half the money.
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