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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
I think Pete, what I said on the BBS was.

"I found the scope to have almost none, or very little parallax error" and if I remember rightly, quite a few STB members started attacking me then as well.

I find it strange why so many people want to have a go at Deben Hawke, I think their products are good value and well built and and I also like the fact that they support the shooting community. There are plenty of other manufacturers that actually produce poor equipment, but you don't see many people giving them grief.

I am not sponsored by Deben and I have no benefit in promoting their products and as I have said before, I am in a lucky position that I can have almost whatever I want scope wise, and for me personally, I have not yet found anything that i would swap the Tac 30 10x42 for.

Ryan, The scope I use is the 10x42, but I have had the 4.5x12x42 on test.
Its not the case that people having a go at Deben Hawke there products have won a fair share of silverware over the years on the big stage, but quite a few respectable shooters who tested the TAC 30 found it to have loads more error than most other scopes and when you made a claim on the bbs that it had almost none, so i'm afraid you will get people jump on it.

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