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I've used the TAC vari since it first came out, having tested prototypes for Hawke of this and the HFT model and provided feedback.

Before that I used the SR6 with some success, and used the SR6 reticled 38mm HFT TAC30 briefly before deciding that the half mil dot version suited .22 calibre better. Last year, atop my .22 Steyr, the TAC 4.5-14 won me the Four Counties championship in that class and I have no intention of changing it.

I still have a number of standard SR6s on other rifles and find they do not have as good depth of field as the TAC30 and so now leave me rather disappointed. But there is a large price difference between the two.

What did surprise me was the Hawke Panorama EV half mil dot (TAC reticle) scope when I bought one (now two) when they first came out. I tested this next to the (double the price) TAC30 and found the DOF was equal to the TAC.
I used a page with writing at various ranges and just could not tell the difference. The Pana field of view is also very similar to the TAC. Where the Pana perhaps falls down, although it may also be regarded as a plus point, is that your eye has to be very central to the optics or you get a weird hazyness around the reticle. This can be un-nerving but helps to reduce PX error as your eye stays central. Speak to Lloyd at BAR as he said ages ago he'd do a discount for anyone on the Pana if you mention my name (David Chapman). For HFT the Pana's fixed objective lens can be cracked open and adjusted one time to your preferred mid-range yardage, but for hunting it may be a no-no for having no easily adjustable focus. It does have an illuminated reticle however, like the TAC.

Although the Pana has 25mm optics, so do many 30mm tubed scopes that may have been mentioned here, some costing 10 times as much. The TAC30 has a 30mm erector tube assembly inside for slightly better light transmission to the eye.

One other thing. Hawke advised against the fixed 10 TAC and rightly so. If you have one scope only, fine. But picking up other rifles, you want all your mil dots to cover the same measurement at whatever range. 10x on my TAC30 equates to 9.3x on my Pana. Two different settings for the same sight picture! And it'll be the same with whatever brand you choose between different models. Having variable mag allows you to adjiust all your scopes to the same ACTUAL mag.

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