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Hello Charlie,

first of all don't worry about the Banta, we all like to have a pop at each other now and then.

the Tac 30 is perfect for what you want, " in my opinion."

With the parallax set to about 25 you will have a clear image from 14 to 45 yards approx with a slight amount of blur from 10 to 13 and a fair bit of blur on 8 and 9 yards. This is with the scope set to 10 mag.

I have used a Tac 30 in HFT for two and a bit years and have had some good results, a few 59's and a few wins, as far as hunting is concerned, it is bright and crisp and will give you a good sight picture of whatever it is you are hunting.

If you get one, let me know and I will give you a few hints and tips about setting it up for HFT.

As i said before, if you want to see my airgunner article, PM your email and i will send you over a copy.

all the best

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