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Thanks Guys.. Right I have tried looking through one of these scopes and did like it.. As for try before buy well I cant see a gun shop allowing Me to take it away and the return it a week or two later if I dont like it.. I have My eye on a used one and am considering a punt but not before asking if the ranges on the scope are suitable for HFT and also a little hunting.. What I'm not trying to achieve is the very best type of scope that will be only suitable for HFT but will be useless on the occasion hunting trip..

Also please bear in mind I am a beginner and do not expect to buy a scope that will be perfect in every department first time around.. Like Many I do expect to upgrade a little as I go along.

So is this a suitable scope for My needs at the moment ? Guys I realise of course that You will all have Your own favourites and I do appreciate that You will all have differing opinions but I'm looking for a good middle ground scope to get into the sport without spending a fortune

Sincere thanks.

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