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Hi Charlie, if it's HFT you're considering, you'd do well to try out the Hawke before buying it.

I bought one about a year ago, and it's an excellent scope in many respects, but I personally don't like it for HFT. It is very bright indeed, and I love the half mil-dot reticule, but I struggle with it 'fit wise'.

I found that the scope has a longer than average eye relief, and I struggled to mount it far enough forward that I was able to eliminate the tunnel vision. I found this a problem in HFT shoots because the various shooting positions often force different lengths of eye relief upon you, and for some uphill prone shots there was a good couple of inches of daylight between the rifles butt and my shoulder.

I'm not sure if the fixed 10x is any better in that respect?

Perhaps it's just my build, or my technique, but the only rifle that I can use my Tac 30 on, is my Stery LG100 with the Steyr weaver bridge fitted, and an FT stock with the length of pull adjusted out to the max. That's probably THE worst configuration for HFT.

So I would try and attend as many different HFT shoots as you can, and try looking through as many different scopes as you can. And remember, you're not interested in judging how good a sight picture you can achieve on a 'comfortable shot', but rather how well does the rifle perform on those ******* forced prone shots, where the target is only 8yds away, but it's 18ft up a bloody tree!

Thanks Tayside!!!
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