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Charlie...apologies for the ping pong.

Try before you buy. You may well be one of the few that like the TAC 30 but there are reasons why there aren't so many of them used on the UKAHFT circuit. As a combi HFT/hunting scope you might find it ticks a lot of boxes for you and if i was in your shoes i would consider the TAC a contender.....although i would probably look out for a really clean second hand Bushnell 6500 instead, even though i suffered parallax error with that scope as well...............just not as much as i did with the TAC.

The problem i have with magazine reviews is................well...............they're pants. I shudder to think of the expensive mistakes made by new shooters following the advice of 'experts'. what suits one person doesn't suit another, what someone describes as a 'useable' trigger most would call arse.

A good example is my Steyr.....i must be the only person in the world that puts more weight onto a steyr trigger. It's because i can get a premature shot release when kneeling/standing if the trigger is too's just the way i 'pulse' the trigger with my finger whilst trying to settle down. If i were writing an article i would decribe the trigger as perfect but a 10 mtr shooter would pick my rifle up and probably describe the trigger as pants.

An article has to be taken as the opinion of a shooter..................not fact.
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