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Hello Chris,

You are correct, the Tac 30 to date has not been used by a shooter to win a major series that I am aware of.

However, a Tac 30 was used to win the four counties championships, it was also used by Petter Higgns to win either 1 or 2 rounds of the UKAHFT in 2010 and as I stated, Ian used one to win a round of the Southern hunters and finally I used one to win the England V Scotland shoot last year, so it has had some good victories.

I believe in the scope and I fully accept that some people do not like it, just like some people do not like Vipers or 6500 or even leups.

Pete, No, you are thinking of another scope I reviewed and they did not want me to keep the one that was sent out.

The scope that I am currently using was purchased second hand from Simon Dixon and to be honest, it was better then my test scope.

Chris, you say that I made no mention of scopes that have performed well. Well, that was not the OP question, he asked for our opinions of the Tac 30 and that is what I gave him. If he had asked us to recomend a scope, I would have said, either a Hawke Panorama or possible a Mamba lite.
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