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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
Thanks for that Chris,

I think this is the quote you are looking for

"If your head is even slightly out of place the image will seem a little dark, almost like you have your eyes partly closed, but, as you move your head into place, the image comes alive and brightens up and you know you are in the optimum position. For me, this scope has helped me almost eradicate PX error in my shooting."

As you can see, I never said it was parallax free, furthermore, you say that my article was reamed by the HFT circuit? Well, I remember a few people not liking it, but most of them had not even looked through a Tac 30, let alone spent any real time with it and they were only repeating what they had heard from a few other shooters.

At the weekend, I shot with two newbies at Maldon, who both use a Tac 30 and think its great, Ian Bianbridge recently had a 57 with his at the southern hunters, beating, myself, Doppa and Lurch. I have had lots of emails from shooters who have read my articles and have purchased a Tac 30 and they have told me they are very happy with it. I would never ever recomend a scope that I do not believe in. This is why I put my money where my mouth is and use one.

I can pretty much have whatever scope I want and for next year, I am 90% sure I will stick to the Deben Hawke Tac 30 10x42.
Master of understatement there, i think the best way to describe the reaction of many of the better shooters was 'Napalmed'. I have no doubt that the article was written honestly as, for you, there probably wasn't any noticable px error. I owned a TAC 30 for 6 months and found it didn't work for me. lanky mark tried his for almost a year before getting rid so i'm not just passing on hear say. I objected to your post because you recommended a scope to a newbie that hasn't taken a single major HFT title. No mention of the scopes that have...the SR6, Viper and Leups?

Not very objective then....really?

Honestly not trying to have a dig....just trying to balance the advice given to Charlie.
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