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Originally Posted by CharlieFarlie View Post
Guys I have checked out in the flesh theHawke Sidewinder tac 30 4.5-14 x 42. But before buying I'm checking here that this is a good scope with the correct Mag range and correct objective lens size.
I have an SR6 but am finding the scope to be a little dark.. I have read reviews on the above scope and it seems to be a brighter and better scope in clarity and brightness .. But being a Novice I wont buy before seeking good advice.. I may also want to use the scope for occasional hunting so could use opinions on that as well.
Thank You.

Hi Charlie, I'm assuming you're talking about doing HFT with maybe a bit of hunting? If so then that scope is a decent compromise.

Originally Posted by scutter View Post
Hello Charlie,

I use the fixed 10 verstion of this scope and I have been realy happy with it for the last 2 years, it has helped me win a few comps and I did well with it last year in the nationals.

From a light gathering point of view it is every bit as good as its rivals and to be honest, much better then most. I reviewed the 10x42 tac 30 for Airgunner last year and if you send me your email, i will more then happily send you a rough copy of the article.

I personaly love the Tac 30 range and I will continue to shoot with one this year.

You're joking right???. Is that the same article where you described the scope as parallax free? Don't get me wrong Gary you've proved that with a lot of practice and learning your kit huge improvements can be made, no-one can take that away from you. I don't really thinks it's fair to send a newbie an article that was totally reamed by the HFT circuit.
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