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Here are my questions, and Ernst's reply:

Hi Ernst,

I have watched the video here:

I have set the stabiliser spring adjuster on my 16 joule LG100 (with black transfer port) so that the rear of the stabliser is flush with the housing, as described in the video, but I have several questions:

1) The rifle shown appears to be a 7.5 Joule model. Is this setting also correct for the 16 joule model?

2) This adjustment is done without firing the rifle. When firing a pellet, should the position of the rear of the stabiliser be the same as when adjusting it without firing, as in the video?

3) My LG100 S/N 2098 has a 'distance washer' under the black transfer port. It is split and I don't know whether I need to replace it or not. What would you suggest?

Many thanks for any help.


Dear David,

1) Yes.
2) Doesn’t matter. The stabiliser must go same way with pellet or without.
3) We used the distance washer when under the bolt blows too much air out in the case you use the rifle with rear shoot. It’s not so important for the accuracy.

Best regards

Ernst Franz Huber

Serviceleitung / Chief Technical Service
Olympiastraße 1, A-4432 Ernsthofen, Austria


I've gone back with:

Hi Ernst,
Thanks for the info.
Not sure what you mean in answer (3) by "rear shoot"? Could you explain more please?
Many thanks.


He's come back with:

Hi David,

It means you use your gun with pellet and shoot. In same time, you feel some air leaking from the transfer port.

Best regards
Ernst Franz Huber
Serviceleitung / Chief Technical Service

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