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Oh bugger, you didn't did you!? How embarrassing, especially as I was the one that made you get the nail scissors out at Carisbrooke . I made a point of that on the build the day before... 'We' did do a check the day before, but there could have been stuff down from the night (that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it)... speaking of sticking, 8 was... it got worse later on, free'd up, then I needed to take the grips to it again. Think it was crap being blown into it.

The one I couldn't work out was that target in the woods... strange miss pattern high and right. Perhaps people assumed it was the full wack ( I don't actually know by the way)... but the one to the right of it was because I did measure that one to within a few foot of a stretched tape.

The problem I had was believing what I was seeing... even when the tape and string said something else. I thought I had it sussed in the woods, definately coming from the right this time...erm nope... ok definately from the left...erm nope. They only moved 1/2 a kill at 40yds, but it was in the wrong way It seemed the closer ones were taking as much as some of the long ones...

Bizzare... we shoot on the live range in the summer... it has us just as befuddled... especially when the ones in the shelter of the seeming gentle breeze go the opposite way.
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