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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
Hi David, what i do with these is to very lightly oil the o ring wipe it almost dry then close the breech while trapping a ciggy paper between the oring and shuttle, you can then tug the ciggy paper gently to see if it is trapped evenly at the front back and sides, then open the breech, even sealing pressure will leave a consistent width imprint on the paper. If the paper can be moved when trapped you need the washer to lift the port up. A little bit more sealing pressure can be found by moving the barrel forward a few thou but this does reduce the positiveness of the breech lock.

Cheers Simon.
Thanks Simon, I'll give that a try.

Surely moving the barrel forward will result in a little bit less sealing at the transfer port as the stabiliser will be further away/back from it? Also, the cocking lever wouldn't lock and the seal inside the stabiliser would exert less pressure on the barrel end? Am I missing something in how the mechanism works?

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