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Originally Posted by Gibbs View Post
This is a complicated issue. Th

e pellet is dragged constantly downwards by gravity over time. It's pulled directly vertically downwards over the horizontal distance it travels (not the actual distance it travels)
So, if your target is 45 degrees up a tree, and the tree is 40 yards away, then your pellet will only drop over 40 yards
, and not the longer distance that your actual target is. (therefore, landing higher than expected)
The complication comes with the different height of your scope, very steep targets (almost vertical) and the close targets being SO close that the pellet doesn't have time to be affected enough to need adjustment.

The mathmaticians will be on this soon, and I'll get a headache trying to follow them!

Good luck and all the best.

Not to be pedantic but it must be confusing as you have contradicted yourself there!
Gravity is a constant of time so if the tree is 40 yards away and the target is 45 degrees up, ie 40 yards up the tree, the target will be 56 and a bit yards from you.
This means the pellet will have gravity acting upon it for the same amount of time is if it were shot on a horizontal plane.
Thing that reduces the drop is the extra vertical force that is applied into the equation when shotting off horizontal.
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