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I've never claimed to be a Steyr expert - there have been a lot of things along the way which appeared to be true at the time, or at very best were true in a very narrow window of observation - but I'm now on my 9th Steyr and like any other rifle they do have 'characteristics' that you become attuned to.

One of these days I hope to be able to master the dark-art of Stabilizer adjustment - getting consistent 'recoiless' shots certainly isn't as simple as it's made out on the videos. On a 6ftlb 10m match rifle that weighs a tonne maybe, but not on an 11ftlb HFT rifle.

So if anybody has any Voodoo Ninja Stabilizer Secrets they'd like to share, PM me.

Sorry, I've kind of hijacked this thread a bit!

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