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In a word, consistency.

Excellent rifles, really well thought out, and really well made. Perfect for their original purpose.

But the FT/HP/Hunter variants are basically re-purposed 10m rifles, and as such they aren't really designed to maintain any level of consistency over any length of time.* Think of Steyrs as the equivalent of a Stradivarius - beyond reproach yes, but you'd probably still want to make sure that they are in tune before the big event. This is not a problem for 10m shooters who will expect to have to tweak their rifles back into line on the day of the shoot. It is however a problem if you expect to be able to set your rifle up perfectly, sling it in the back of the mini-bus, and then rock-up to an away shoot without having to strip it down/zero it again (which is effectively what the 10m guys have time to do).

We've had fellow club members who've setup their Steyrs in Scotland, travelled down south to M.A.D., and their rifles have been all over the shop. Those in-the-know generally recommend setting a Steyr to 11.0ftlbs for complete peace of mind - that's quite a margin of error!

To be fair it's not a problem exclusive to the Steyr. I'm led to believe that all of the 10m Super Guns suffer from it to some degree or another. But for my money it's the biggest concern for FT/HFT shooters who don't always have the luxury of being able to fettle their rifles before a shoot.

* a tip of the hat to the very knowledgeable Mr. Khalid Rafiq who took the time to explain to me why this happens to be the case.
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