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Originally Posted by CharlieFarlie View Post
Errr I have a Hawke Airmax 3 -12/44 on My R10 !! I was advised that this was not a great scope for HFT !!! Now perhaps You understand why I'm getting so confused ??
I have a Daystate Airwolf that I intend to use for HFT but its a .22 So I intend to buy an Air Arms EV2 When I can find one..
But thanks anyway I am trying to understand ....

I would suggest trying a few different guns before plumping for the EV2. Whilst its a great gun and is used for HFT its down to personal fit and ergonomics. I love the look of the EV2 but found it quite heavy when standing.

For the money you are thinking of spending, that puts you in s/h steyr territory (which i went for in the end as it just felt more comfortable). that too is a great gun. However its horses for courses and depends on your size, height arm length etc etc etc

Moral of the story is try a few guns before shelling out 800+.

Also if you become a member of a club see if there is anyone who can work on the gun you are thinking of buying. This can save a a lot of time and money.
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