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Originally Posted by merc350 View Post
Some of the best HFT shots in the country use the MTC viper (Chris Cundey for example). Good depth of field and easy to spot parallax error as the scope goes cloudy if not looking directly down the barrel.

I have just started in the sport and have got a Hawke SR6, also a very good scope.

If your hunting then both scopes would do the job.

I'd put a wanted ad out for a s/h one though.
Errr I have a Hawke Airmax 3 -12/44 on My R10 !! I was advised that this was not a great scope for HFT !!! Now perhaps You understand why I'm getting so confused ??
I have a Daystate Airwolf that I intend to use for HFT but its a .22 So I intend to buy an Air Arms EV2 When I can find one..
But thanks anyway I am trying to understand ....
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