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Originally Posted by PeteM View Post
It's not simple, the only way it seems possible is to get a temporary import/export licence for each country you have to pass through.

Ferry Crossing to Denmark (Harwich - Esbjerg) DFDS Seaways gives the least number countries (Denmark~Norway) to pass through.
Doz, - saw your question re ferries on fb, and as PeteM says, you'd have to go Harwich > esbjerg, then Copenhagen > Oslo for a total return fee of £1000 (4 berth cabins + car). OK if you're making a lavish holiday of it all, but if you're coming to shoot and sightsee (1 week for example...) here's some current prices... Gatwick > Ålesund 14thAug 11:20hrs returning 21stAug 09:20hrs = £143 plus approx. £20 each way for your kit... say £180 total. (2 hour beautiful drive to Isfjorden/Åndalsnes)

Same airline Gatwick > Trondheim 14th Aug 12:20 returning 21stAug 15:40 total approx. @ £190 (3½ hour beautiful drive to Isfjorden/Åndalsnes)
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