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HW80 in 22 calibre, a beaten up wreck that I got in part exchange, it had a bent 177 barrel and an OX spring when I got it. It now has a 22 barrel and a respectably powered spring, and is great fun to shoot. It's my 3rd or 4th HW80, I can't be sure, I just like them for their build quality and indestructible character.

Cometa Fenix 400 in 177. Well, I am the custodian rather than the owner as it belongs to the club, Shebbear Shooters. Surprisingly attractive rifle to handle, it's not the carbine version, it's the discontinued full length one. Trigger is the weakest link.

AA S410 in 22 calibre. This is my pigeon control rifle, fitted with laser and chinese copy Leupold.

AA S400 177 export. This is a 400 classic with the export length cylinder fitted, and a barrel extension to engage the figure of eight clamp. Weight distribution is near perfect and it's my favourite rifle for standing shots. Unregulated but the large cylinder gives at least a hundred level shots.

AA S200 177, full power version with target stock. This is supposed to be the wife's but she hasn't used it for a year or so.

AA S200 177, again this is a club gun but I keep it at home, not at the club hut.

AA EV2 mark 1, 177 naturally. Bought it second hand only 3 weeks old in October 2004.

Original Model 25 in 22. Again a club gun, light and compact, ideal for juniors.

TX200HC 177 got sold in September.

TX200SR 177 got sold and that was a mistake.

Daystate Huntsman in .20 cal got sold a while back.

Oh and I nearly forgot, a couple of Webley Nemesis pistols, one in each calibre.
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