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Originally Posted by imorik View Post
I really hope that all the shooters who think the sport should be kept pure, and for the able bodied only, have a temporary disability that means they can't kneel/stand for a season or two. I wonder how many would then change thier minds and think the option of the alternative position is a good thing. Is there really that many people in this country that do FT that they can afford to be elitist and not allow people with difficulties to participate. Surely the sport needs to grow and allow as many people who actually want to have a go do so. I see it that the ones who use the alternative positions as an advantage need to be made known and dealt with instead of persecuting the few genuine disabled shooters.
i am currently undergoing physio to try and cure what is wrong with my left shoulder and arm, it goes numb i cant hold anything when this happens i drop things including cups of tea, at any other time i can lift over my own body weight, i have seen various specialists as of yet we dont' know what is wrong, standing shots leave me in a great deal of pain after the sillies in the classic last year it hurt so much i wanted to quit. i cant hold the gun steady, after fifty or so targets i cant even hold my gun steady in the sitting position hopefully this is only temporary i will never be good enough to win anything yet i enjoy trying. i think this might qualify me for the first part of your statement i will not change my mind in the slightest field target is a demanding sport that has elements that challenge your physical capabilities standing and kneeling being that challenge, should we make the sport less physical and remove the disciplines no i don't think so , it is those very disciplines that separate the very best of our shooters from the rest, these shooters have put time and effort into becoming good enough to take on the rest of the world and win. should we deal with those that have taken advantage of the rules yes personally banning them from all competition both national and regional seems fair to me as those that have taken advantage have damaged any argument those who are disabled have to be allowed to compete against those who are able bodied, however the entire argument stems from a single fact that the disabled positions give an unfair advantage to those shooters that use that position as against those that do not, i would agree that the rules need to be clearer and more precise, to help eliminate confusion yet the simple fact remains after all the arguments have cleared all the dummies have been spat out, if i have a physical disability then i can not complete against those that have none unless i try and do it on the same terms and conditions as they do
in my view to do it any other way would mean i hadn't achieved anything
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