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There is a simple answer that one, Paul, and that is to work to a position of no disadvantage. That should be the goal. How far that can be achieved and how that manifests itself in practice will vary from sport to sport and from managing body to managing body. I've made two proposals on here already that are relevant to FT in particular. Shooting is one of the very few sports that has the potential for inclusivity; it just needs the will.

Consider the person who has enjoyed their FT for some years and is now unable to; by a small change to the rules they could carry on taking part. It's not simply a question of a disabled person taking up an inappropriate sport.

I'm probably older than many posters here, and although I'm nimble enough at the moment, for me the concept of immobility is more imminent than for most. So maybe I see the issue in a different light. Let's not argue about it.

Happy Christmas all.
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