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Default Let Neck Wringing Commence .

Took the little booger down the club today for a good session .Big Nikko fitted and zeroed up for 35 yards . no probs . sorted all the ranges and the lifts and commenced grouping ( benched ). very good groups out to 45 yards , opening up towards 50 and 55 yards . average at 50 and 55 yards was between half an inch to three quarters on a ten shot group . not the best i have ever seen . but in cold conditions with a changeable wind , not bad . a better test was to go to our hardest lane ( scary mary ) a full 55 yard target , about 50 foot up a large tree . got it 6 times out of seven . not the best rifle over the chrono though , going between 797 to 782 with 8.4s .but as ever with rippers , the lock time was very good . making it a forgiving rifle on the positionals . better as it is for standers than kneelers , another lifter would not go amiss . if i were shooting it . then a butt hook and old mr S&B would make it a rifle to choose for a big comp . will try some different pellets in and see how it goes . must put some of the die two's that i have gotten hold of in it . merry christmas all ( even connor ) ???HOLLY
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