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I was just thinking, someone with a mobility problem might still be in some pain or discomfort even when sitting; I can think of one or two who I know who have quite advanced arthritis, and the getting up and down from each lane can be an effort.

So would it be feasible to change the format substantially? I'm thinking, what number of shooters - able bodied or otherwise - who would want to shoot sitting only? Would it be say a quarter of those who take part now, or would there be a mass migration away from having to do standers and kneelers?

Maybe the total number of targets should be reduced, and then sitting only courses set out at say three targets per lane. 15 lanes of 3 instead of 25 lanes of 2, saves a lot of getting up and down.

I could see these being the first 15 lanes of a "normal" course, with only two designated targets per lane to be shot if you are in the open class, followed by ten more lanes with 2 targets in each, and these lanes not to be shot in the seated class.

True, it means having to buy 15 more targets, and finding the time to set them out. But it does actually go some way to catering for those who aren't as nimble.

Edit: Oh of course, you get three minutes for three targets.
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