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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thanks to all involved.

Met lots of people I'm looking forward to seeing again.

i heard that part of HFT was the banter and pee taking but you guys are something else..... the quality is above anything I've heard to date.

A special mention goes to the marshall, who as I was leaving the course, feeling quite chuffed with my performance on a day that had the trickiest conditions I've shot in to date. Asks...

"how did you get on?"
I said "have had a good day, thoroughly enjoyed it"
he said "how did you do?"
"48" I replied
"Not bad" says he ".22 springer?"........... priceless!

Laity you *****
Big Roge gives me that every bloody comp

Big Roge Q.'22 springer?'

Me A.'yup and open sights'
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