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Default AR4 Ripper ?

For anybody with an interest . i thought i might write up little kevs AR4 bull pup which i recently bought off him . saw it in the season at one of the GPs , but i thought no i have enough rifle's . so i did not bother with it . but christmas rolled around and thought's of buying myself something to liven the holiday up grew . well i thought , if i buy it and then after christmas sell it on . that will give me something to do . so i bid little kev for just the action and stock , leaving him with the scope sling and butt hook to sell . i have enough spare scopes and such . rifle arrived and was much as i remember it at the GP . thought i would pull it through and fit my spare scope and butt pad to see how it would shoot . cut a patch down to 2+2 , sprayed it with napier gun cleaner . and began to pull it through . well tight does not come into it , using all of my strength i pulled harder. it went up the barrel in a series of jerks . DERK , DERK , DERK .SNAP .the cord came out . the patch stayed in there . sod it , got a cleaning rod and with lots of oil and very gentle taps . out it came in two pieces , phew . the worry was that the choke was scored . anyway took it down the club on the sunday to try it out . the sun on the range was low and in front , not good . but i managed to get some decent groups with it , to the point i considered putting my S&B on top of it . but then the wife who has said she would like to try FT said " oh i like the look of that " so my old Big Nikko is on it at the mo . will ring it's neck saturday and see just how good it really is with a big mag scope on it . some may ask why bother with an old Ripper , lots of AR5s around . well for those who have never shot one , they are i reckon the best of the Rippers . steel actions , heavy yes , trigger and cocking mech are a bit suspect . specially if you set the trigger to light . reg is not the best . BUT the accuracy from em is really up there with any modern rifle . i stopped shooting my old one cos it was in it's CS1000 stock with a custom shop on top , just to heavy . will let you know how i get on with the Ripper ??? HOLLY
PS the patch looked like it had been down a mine . took twenty wet , dry patches to get it clean .
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