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Originally Posted by CharlieFarlie View Post
Guys . Hi . Im new to the sport and keen to attend this event.. I found out about it over on Forum so have registered on her to find out a little more about what happens on the day..
This will be the very first event I will have attended being new to the sport so any advice of the itinery and what happens and what to bring along would be great...
I am originally from Worcester but now live in Scotland.. I travelled down to Worcester through the night to where I am staying with Family in StJohns for the holidays..Boredom will have set in well before Tuesday !
Having picked up on this event I put My gun and charging kit in the car and some basic stuff..Somehow managed to leave My jacket in the house though along with pellets pouch ect.. So a trip to Shooting supplies I think !

Thanks in advance !

Charlie , In a nutshell , you arrive at about 9 / 9:30 am on the 27th .

You come to the main man taking money , probably Jim Tyler, pay him 6-00 , he will take your name , you'll be given a score card .

You then proceed to the zero range if you wish , check your rifle zero.

Then grab a quick cup of tea & a snack .

At 9:55 we'll have a quick safety brief .

You will then proceed to your appointed peg , where upon hearing 2 shrill blasts of a whistle , you will take your place on the shooting position , & shoot at the target .

Dammit ! Missed .....

Seriously we will have you shooting with an old hand who will guide you along .

This is a fun shoot , so we'll score as per the UK HFT rules & will follow their positions loosely.
However if you feel more comfortable or have a medical condition shoot as you want .

The shoot should take about 2 hours , then we'll have a prize giving with a load of donated lucky draw prizes to give away .

Have some more grub & tea , & either pop next door to the Admiral Rodney for a quick pint , or return to your loved ones .

The whole point of this shoot is for guys to come out , have fun , meet a few old mates , meet a few new mates , spend a morning outside , and enjoy yourselves .

The only thing we take very seriously is safety .... No short cuts here .

You will be very welcome to join us .
Isuza imBuzi . . . . . .
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