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Originally Posted by bypass View Post
Got to say a special apology to RogB , I did`nt realise an HW97 could bounce that far mate. It really was`nt aimed at you.
As to people getting stressed I`m sure I don`t know what you mean . Of all the woods we shoot in over the course of the year , Bisley is up there with the best, but would still say MADs round is still the best so far this year.
Much as I love shooting in these woods, something definately needs to be done to help keep the competitions flowing or provide ISPY books to help kill the time.

No problem mate, it missed by quite some inches

Incredibly "bounciness"is actually built in to Weihrauchs! Just after the war when HW were getting their production going, one of their engineers remarked on the sheer genius of Barnes Wallis and his bouncing bomb and how a simple idea could be so effective. Immediately, Herr Weihrauch ordered that all HWs should have such a bounce system built in. So I wasn't surprised to see the 97 skipping towards me. Fortunately, I wasn't one of the Ruhr dams and it stopped - phew!

As to stress, I was commenting more on how I was feeling it, matey. I suppose it is like tennis players who have to stop important games through rain and then get going again. It is another facet of the easy sport of HFT that needs to be learned and filed away under Big Game Temperament, Vol 2. Obviously didn't affect some like Darren Q so well done there mate

Also, as well reminded by Sean and rightly so,

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