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Originally Posted by steveggg View Post
One disappointment was the sheer amount of stoppages in sess 1, I know it stressed out a few shooters...

Roger, would you believe me if i told you this.

15 stoppages.

1x String shot off.

1x Target wouldn't reset sometimes- caught on bark.

2x Target had turned - bolt worked loose.


Interesting, there were only 2x stops in session 2, both for loose bolts and turned targets.

Ummmmmm, does this tell us something, ??????, are the session 2 shooters better at recognising a Missed shot.
I doubt it surprises a lot of people.

This isn't aimed at anybody in particular so please, nobody get offended. It's just a bit of not-so-wild speculation on my part.

I suspect it was a combination of some people having their expectations of getting a kill on more targets than they did inflated by the previous day and the fact that the more called targets you get...the more called targets you get.

It snowballs as people start to feel more confident about calling and less confident (wrongly so at Bisley) about the targets.

Somebody told me that some clubs have a 'two points if you're justified, zero points if you're not' rule. Certainly would make people think more about calling a target before they did it.
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