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Originally Posted by willo View Post
Plastic ?? Mine is the aluminium anodised gold coloured transfer port, with the really small hole. It probably restricts the flow even further than the uk silver, which I believe has about a 3mm dia hole.
I have ordered a brass replacement with a 4.4 mm hole, should make quite a bit of difference to the shot count.
The gold coloured port is for 7.5J Match looks like a desperate attempt to keep the gun under 12fpe at any time......
Probably due to the longer barrel the silver port was not enough to keep it under 12fpe, so the gold type was used...
I really don't understand why this is made this way, without additional changes to eg regulator pressure, hammer weight, valve and/or hammer spring to increase the shot count.
I think with a few mods the shot count could be increased significantly, shorter hammer spring and lower reg pressure.
The UK importer should raise these issues at Steyr to get this resolved, it's expensive enough.
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