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Originally Posted by Fox View Post
Thanks for that your a star, dose it make much of a differece to the efficency in use of air??
Even with the new 100mm longer cylinder, I'm getting less shots than fellow steyr shooters with 2009 110's, and have been told that this is down to the hole in the transfer port being really small, ive not measured it but its only about 2mm diameter or maybe less.
The adjustable power is presently turned right up to get about 11.6 ft/lbs
This week I ordered a replacement t-port from a uk seller, with a hole size of 4.4mm, which is the same size as the old black ports from Steyr.
The power will then need turning down, and ive been informed that this will equate to about 30 more consistant shots.
When I fit the new port nxt week, i'll let you know the results Clive.
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