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Bisley was rather fun wasn't it?

My shooting partners on both days were a delight to shoot with. The embarrassing thing is I only remember the names of the ladies I was shooting with not the chaps. So thanks to Phillipa was it Dave? and Diane husband (who's the Chair of Bisley so I ought to remember his name but...)

The Bisley course was excellent and I really enjoyed it. There was just enough wind in the 1st session to force me to have a bit of a punt from time to time and happily mostly get in the kill. But mostly I shot like Blind-Rog's blind and retarded mate.

Sadly I was due to meet up with Richard Chase (Enthusiast on the place that shall not be named) as he was shooting the Imperial with those noisy contraptions (vague idea that he shoots a smelly) but the only place I had his mobile number was in a PM on the aforementioned place and I'm having a bit of difficulty getting to those. I owed him a camping chair (okay, yes, I sat on it and it broke but it was a cheap one, okay?!) and had it ready to present to him.

Oh well maybe some other time.
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