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Originally Posted by strangefroot View Post
Sorry folk , been rumbled !

Im gonna have to come clean & admit it that after 30 years flailing a plastering trowel about & the old wrists starting to cause a bit of grief , ive decided to have a career change .When i heard william hagues brother neil was planning on getting his audi i mentioned to him about my plans & he said "why dont we get a white 'n apiece then i'll not feel too embarassed about buying one by myself " Well , how could i resist !

Well , now its out in the open i'd may as well admit it .......... Im starting a mobile hair dressing round & i'm looking for a catchy name for the business ! any ideas ?

Oh by the way , when the above picture was taken today, myself & si higgins had jon lee bound & gagged in the boot & were taking him to a secret location to practice my short back & sides . It didnt go well but managed to stick his left ear back on with some hubba bubba .

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