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With the disabled discipline topic getting quite a bit of air time of late we were wondering if this weekend at the anston champs it would be worth trying one of the ideas out that was suggested a while back .

We are planning on putting the usual 6 x discipline targets out & beside each of these ( within 12 inches or so ) we are going to stick a 25 mm target . What we are planning to do is ....... as you approach the lane you take your 2x discipline shots as normal, then you take a normal sitting ( not disabled alternative ) shot at both 25mm targets .This we hope will give us some idea as to whether an all sitting class will work & also we can gauge the percentageof hits on the mini shots compared to the 40mm's to see if 25mm is too hard or easy from the sitting position .

Just a bit of an experiment , so bare with us please !

atb , calps
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