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Originally Posted by plattitude View Post
I think you mean,they are by definition a much harder target than a stander,NOT the other way round?.with regards to the target having to be placed virtually at the side of it for wind drift,surely having it 5yds closer would mean it takes less wind and having said target as a reducer would make it more susceptible to the wind?
I think I know what I mean, and that is at Emley I was happy to get all my kneeling/standing shots but would I have got them all standing only, so as I say, it is more difficult a task because of distance to get them all standing.
On the side by side issue, I have tried the alternative positions and found them to be easier with tighter groups achievable, so that is IMO the better way to go as opposed the factoring either party saying " but I had MORE wind to deal with".

I believe that there will be change, I would just like to see it changed to make it FAIR for ALL, because if not, we will still be here in another 12 months arguing the same things.

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