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Originally Posted by imorik View Post
Just a small point on the "have to shoot standing if you cant kneel" ruling. It states in the BFTA Disabled position document (which NEFTA have agreed to abide by. see Page 8 Appendix 2).

The BFTA is obvious to the fact that some shooters are not as able bodied as others, wether it be through ilness, disease, accident or some other reason, temporary or permanent disablement can occur. With the previous statement in mind the intention is to accomodate disabled shooters by giving latitude within rule 10. Thus enabling the disabled shooter to use an adapted stance for the compulsary Kneeling and/or Standing targets. This latitude must not give an advantage nor disadvantage to the shooter, but enable the person to compete on reasonably equal terms with the rest of the contestants.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but having to shoot standing instead of kneeling is a disadvantage so therefore goes against the rules .
And by your interpretation if it gives an advantage then that's also against the rules. I have tried both the disabled positions and found both to be more stable, the adaptive standing one vastly so. I think you're soon going to find that many are going to get fed up of the counter arguements put forward by the people using the adaptive positions. How many that shoot the disabled positions in the UK shot normally for the worlds in Italy?.....and then come back to the UK and expect to glean an advantage by switching back into the disabled positions. And some wonder why so many are hacked off about this.

Last weekend i shot round with someone that couldn't kneel so had to take 6 standers compared to my 2. I found that really unfair and could understand why some would feel at a disadvantage. I said that i thought the pendulum had swung too far back against him. His response was to put 4 standers and 2 kneelrs as that would even the playing field. Let's also look at like this, if someone has to take the kneelers standing then they would soon improve and should then hit more of the usual standing shots.

Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
If i was to take up ten metre shooting and said "Hang on a minute it's making my legs ache standing here, can i sit down instead?" I wouldn't get very far would i?
THIS is a very valid point!!!!
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