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Originally Posted by plattitude View Post
I think we must also bare in mind the fact that the kneeling lanes are in general more difficult because of greater distances used, at Emley both kneeling lanes had one target which was at a distance much greater than the two on the standing lane, I think most would have struggled with those two shots.

Paul[/QUOTEHi paul,I ]totaly disagree with your comment.
If both disciplines were always put out at max distance of 45yds then it would make it fair for both party's,the only reason why the standing lane wasn't put out at a further distance,was surely down to just chance,they could very easily of been put out much further than what they were.
If they were always put out at 45yds then the shooters who have to take the kneeling shots standing wouldn't probably feel at a disadvantage.
Could the answer be to have 3 of each disciplines,rather than say 4 kneelers and 2 standers.This way round at least the disabled shooter would'nt be made to feel that he has had to take 4 more standers than the able bodied shooter,or what about having the standers set at two distances.
One set at 45yds for the able bodied shooter who shoots at these twice,the other target in the lane set at 40yds for the disabled shooter,who also shoots at them twice?
Or does this sound even more bo#!*cks than whats already in place.
In my short time of shooting the winter leagues ( this is my second year) MY feeling is that the kneeling lanes ARE GENERALLY set at a longer distance so are by definition a more difficult shot taken standing than kneeling, but as you rightly say this is down to the course setters, and a brilliant job they do at it. As you point out the standing lane was not out at 45yds, which in this instance, I think proves MY theory.
The idea of two sets of targets on the Kneel/Standing lanes has been discussed at our club but IMO they should be virtually side by side to eliminate wind variation but have one 40mm and the other target a reducer(size to be determined).

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