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Originally Posted by Scribe View Post
It has NOT been like that for the past year. Standing if you cannot kneel has been like that since kneeling and standing shots were introduced, well over 10 years ago. This was confirmed and re-iterated at the AGM in November. If you cannot stand, but can kneel, then you kneel with both knees together, as if they had chopped your legs off at the knee, then adopt the normal standing rules. If, and only if, you cannot do either then the new appendix will apply.

The whole point is that no advantage should be gained by the adoption of another position. So if a stander cannot be taken due to a disability, then the kneeling position adopted has to mimic the stander, i.e. the only support for the stock is the hand, and the hand cannot be rested on the knee.
Please point me in the right direction to rules/regulations/documents that state that.
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