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Just in my opinion to be down the middle fair in regards to disciplines then there should be the same amount of each on the course e.g. 4 standers and 4 kneelers on a 40 target course, 6 of each on a 50 course.

FT is viewed by many as the most demanding target sport currently available and by its very nature is physically demanding, trying to be level to all just won't work.
Take for example, the big, heavy and totally unfit guys (sorry NeilD) who are clearly at a disadvantage on a really hot, long, hilly course with awkward uphill sitting targets. Should we make changes to ensure the fitter, thinner blokes are not at an advantage on a course as described?

Anyway from what I have found, a good technically stable standing position practiced many times for a couple of years is almost as stable as the adapted kneeler (IMO)!!

I know is a few years time I won't be able to take my kneelers, I'll take them standing and be happy to do so as I enjoy the sport immensly, it's just good to be able to compete.
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