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Originally Posted by paul4be View Post
Ivan, please don't take it as a personal dig at you mate, and I know it isn't just about you, I know that's not how you see things. However, as your arguement has been put forward based on your situation, then a reply is likely to be related to that. I also understand that you are looking at what is fair. Again though, what other changes to shoot rules would then be expected in relation to other positions for others be fair? Where does it stop when somebody else says, but that's not fair??

I am a little confused now. I took you original suggestions to always be 4 standers and 2 kneelers on each course, with anyone who can't kneel shooting the 2 additional standers instead? Your 2nd paragraph above now suggests something different, in fact it would leave things as they are now, i.e. it's up to the course setter, meaning in reality no change from the current situation.

I understand the reasoning for making the option from kneelers harder, to stop those who are taking the micky. Unfortunatley that does have a knock on effect for those such as yourself with a genuine problem, and a practical way around that will not be easy.

Perhaps a proper record of those shooting adapted positions might be a start towards sorting out those who in reality don't need to, if there are in fact any such shooters.

I can't really comment on how what I am suggesting will affect the adapted standing situation. I have never met anyone who uses it. It does though seem that that rule is already in place.

For clarification on my suggestion on the kneelers v standers numbers: as there is no rule dictating the number of standers to kneelers, there is no need for a rule change.

4/2 or 2/4 makes no difference to the standard of competition for those who are capable of both disciplines but forcing some to do 6 standers while others only do 2, definitely puts those shooters at a disadvantage. Therefore, I would trust that most course setters would consider 4 standers to 2 kneelers as being fairer for everyone. I am pretty sure that at least some would.

I would like to agree with you but then we'd both be wrong....
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