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Originally Posted by IvanM View Post

I can understand why people would sooner do kneelers than standers - I would. I think as a principle though more fair is better than less fair.

Speaking for myself: I think that in any given situation, if it is possible to accommodate a minority without significant detriment to the majority, it is right to do so. I openly admit to being a bit of a liberal though.


PS Why doesn't the devil ever speak for himself?
Is that more fair for more, or more fair for less???????

Still can't help but feel though that it's still a case of choosing to do something within which somebody is unable to shoot a specific position. Rules are in place and an answer has been given in relation to that.
The answer given does not suit, so expect a change of rules instead.

I know how good a shot you are Ivan, and know that you want to do well. You also were aware from the outset of your FT shooting that you can't kneel, and that there are kneeling shots. There are rules in place regarding this and it would appear that further direction has been given also.

You want a change of rules to help the fact that you can't kneel. Should there then be further changes to the main rules because somebody else can't use another position and they don't like the alternative?

Sorry to sound hard nosed, but you knew the rules and requirements when you chose to have a crack at FT.
If you know that you are limited in the positions that you can use, but still chose to shoot, then surely it is up to you to adapt within the rules, not have the rules changed to suit you???
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