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Originally Posted by Steve Bowers View Post
Hi Gary, I too have had a Hammerli for a while I got mine from the second batch to hit the country, the first batch sold out in days !
All that has been said is true (frount heavy,stiff cocking etc ) but for around 600 you can't go wrong !

As for NJR 100 's (pro target or Rn10 (4-500) or NJR (3-400) )this too is sound advice but he is talking second hand and I for one think a GOOD second hand Pro target at 4-500 would be like finding a load of rocking horse s**t.
Also if we go to second hand, Hammerli's are going for the 400 mark and there are lots up for sale !!!

I've just started shooting in the winter NEFT FT and my first three scores have put me straight into AA!!!So the gun must be up to it (coss I'm not !)
If you check out my pictures you will see that I've made a few changes to mine .The changing of the standard steel air cylinder to an ally walther was the best !?

Hi steve,Did you get that piece of wood that someone handed to me at anston?Kept bringing it down to the club,eventually gave it to someone who told me that
They will be seeing you last sunday.
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