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Mainly photos from the NEFTA region. The green caravan was at Yorkshire Marksmens ground. There are a few from the original Redfearns ground at the glass factory from which the club took its name.

The photos date from about 88 to 92 I would say.

Some of the people in the photos include Bob Mitchell and his family who ran Refearns at the time. There are some more recognisable faces there too, Tom Walton of exploding GC2 fame and of course Keith Surbutts, Beryl Noon, Andy and AJ Calpin. Others include my Mum and Dad, Mike Noon and Mel slack.

There are others whose names escape me so if anyone can remember better than me post them here please.

If anyone else has any early photos it would be good to look back at them and perhaps have a laugh I'll put some more up in the future.

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