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Originally Posted by subaru swift View Post
i will have to tell my lady whos shots hft & plinking with me as my step daughter who is 10 got a nice score of 7 \10 at kelmarsh on her first go with air gun last year so she was made up to say it nice bless her.
& she is looking forward to me & my lady to taking her to furnace mill soon for a few lessons & to see how she goes on & maybe let her shot the hft course also, as she thinks she might take the sport up one day soon.

however its a pity her brother who is 9 can not really shot as yet as he was shoting the wrong lanes etc, but that is because he is having tests for adhd and autism so he can get a bit hyper at times sorry to say so it is best not to try him in this sport as yet be i will do asap i hope.

so thank you for doing something like this & its a pity she is not a member of a club as yet, but good luck to all that enter.


One day I'm sure he will be more than ready. I too have ADHD and wouldn't have it any other way. My only regret is that I didn't get it diagnosed earlier. I have a couple of friends with it too and they are the most creative, determined and naturally gifted people I know.

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