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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
We just need to be told what your's is Adam so we know ours are equivalent
Working on that.

Our recognised course provider is willing to organise mass course material, if it can be administered by accredited trainers in each RGB's responsible area. TBH its a real easy deal. Just have to get 30 odd Multi choice questions correct, but there are some that MUST be correct. More details in due course.

There's a practical content to the course also which is where the tricky bit in who will provide the course there etc etc.

Am still trying to suss out whether there are equivalent quals you may have done which makes the sitting of a course superfluous.

Our safety rules many years ago used to be muzzle up, and was mostly to do with powerful projectiles worming back up out of the ground. As mentioned in previous posts in the thread its a different scenario for FT air rifles of 12 ft/lbs. Biggest hazard we face (if everyone observes our RGB standing orders) is a bounce back from a faceplate, which again is why we have a min 10metre (11.66 yard) safe distance in place here.....

But things are still a bit comical here since the change, making PCP's firearms. We have experienced firearms instructoirs trying to get their heads around PCP air rifles, when they haven't ever had one in their hands. Trying to explain basic safe handling (like opening the bolt, removing the bolt, removing magazines etc etc........and showing safe when handing to another person. At times their understanding is a bit will improve with time, but attitudes and prejudice is still with us.

We had a court case where a police undercover officer was killed. A FX monsoon semi auto was used. The prosecution expert witness was a firearms man, who dutifully returned the test rifle to its owner.......cocked and loaded......(magazine was empty, but one up the spout) through the courier network!..Had to smile at that, otherwise one would cry......that unintentional ignorance of specific models "quirks" can be unfortunate.

All up, the FAL requirement is a positive thing for us. For instance I am able to purchase anything, excluding a pistol or Military assault rifle on my standard A CAT Lic. I can use it anywhere in NZ as long as it is on private land, or in National parks with a hunting permit (not unreasonably withheld). Pistols are able to be held, with a higher category Lic, as with Mil Assault Weapons. Pistols cannot be used for hunting though.


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