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Cheers Ryan. Think I may keep my coments to myself in the future. People can get a little uptight sometimes. I think I got confused about the purpose of the sight. Thought it was for people to chat, discuss and learn but appears to be more of a public stoning where if you put even the smallest mis-placed or incorrect post up expect you should prepare for the flogging.

Dummy Please. lol

Are you going the Midlands at Yevsley Estate?

Originally Posted by Charlts View Post
No need, carry it empty and pointing in a safe direction, where's the muzzle pointing when you take the cover off at the peg? There should never be any stray pellets, that's why most decent clubs run at a 100% safety record. Bear in mind Matt, the type of shooting we do is a lot different to Practical shooting which is where the rule has come from.
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