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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
DA is reading minus 380ft and I am having to add 3/4 Moa to my summer settings all through the ranges.
Scope is range finding targets the same and the speed is the same.
Thoseare similar conditions to late Winter/early Spring here. Morning start to a FT match can see you taking the first 3-4 lanes in those conditions, and then clawing back up to your standard trajectory settings as the ground warms in the sun.......continuing steady until lat afternoon. Standard environmental conditions here at that time of year.

Each Season is different. The effect of cold dense air on trajectory and the transition to a warming period later in the morning can be more or less pronounced during each Season. Sea Level atmosphere behaviour.

Interestingly, CG3 don't account for altitudes below sealevel. (ie: -380ft)
If you plug in just DA into the Altitude box in the "environmental controls" (when its above 0 ft) it gives the exact represetation of your trajectory (if you have set your trajectory according to the correct Environmental conditions at the time), and rezero'd accordingly at the new location. It won't give you a solution for shift during a match......unless you print out a set of variable trajectories that match all the possible DA conditions you could encounter. It is not inconceivable that it could be of great use during a match, if you have your wits about you during a shift in conditions.......and only useful at one of those venues that present the particular problems of DA shift due to their altitude/change in altitude/change in barometric pressure over a match in the first place.

I'll be getting myself a Kestral early next year to play with, but have been doing it all longhand up to now, so at least the concept is well known and the effects understood. I still think unless you have a grasp of it before you get a kestral type device, it will only confuse you in the short to mid term.

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